Operating Guides Videos and Manuals

OPERATING MANUALS AND VIDEOS for managers and administrators

The Investit Academy On Line commercial Real Estate Education Learning Management System (LMS) is intuitive and easy to use.

If you are unsure as to how to carryout an administrative activity such as recovering a password or setting up an exam check out our helpful videos and the Administrator’s Operating Manual


Administrative Staff Operating Manual


Check out these short “how to” video guides

Recruiting Aids
(1.30 min)


Explains the promotional materials and helpful links that are available to help you attract new recruits and build your sales team.

How to Screen Applicants
(3.51 min)


Shows how to use the competency test to test an applicant’s understanding of the basic terms and calculations and how use the Competency Test reports to develop a training program.

(0.24 min)


Briefly outlines how a new recruit can develop their education plan and measure their progress.

Developing an Education Plan (0.36 min)


The steps involved in developing an education and mentoring plan.

Developing an Education and Mentoring Plan. Case Studies (9.35 min)


Uses several case studies to show you how to develop an education and mentoring plan.

Certificate in Commercial Real Estate (3.21 min)


Explains the Investit Academy Certificate in Commercial Real Estate and how it can be implemented by your organization.

Adding Staff and Candidates (3.18 min)


Shows you how to add staff such as Managers and Proctors and how to enroll Applicants and Candidates.

Exam Rules
(2.22 min)


Suggests a set of rules to follow when setting up an exam.

Administering Exams
(3.50 min)


Shows you how to set up and administer an exam using an example.

Reviewing exam grades and progress (4.21 min)


How to review a Candidate’s grade and track their progress

Tracking progress
(2.45 min)


Shows using an example how to review a candidate’s grade book and use “Track User Progress” to review their progress.

The Handy Table of Contents (0.35 min)


Show how the use the videos “Table of Contents” to jump to a topic on interest.